Person Centred

‘I can trust my own experience’ (Carl Rogers, 1961)

Person centred therapy is based on a profound trust in the individual’s ability to find his or her own way towards growth and health, if given the right conditions. It puts the client in charge, not the therapist.

It holds that in an empathic and accepting environment the individual will be enabled, safely and in his own time, to examine his experience, change ways of being and feeling that are unhelpful or painful, and gradually move towards newly discovered emotional freedom.

It is an approach that recognises the holistic nature of the human organism, and the importance of paying attention to all that we think, feel and experience, if we want to move towards our best functioning selves.

The medical paradigm of intervention, of acting on or for a person, pervades much of our thinking in the present cultural climate. A deeply person-centred approach offers a true alternative, one in which we re-learn to trust and support the wisdom of our own bodies.

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